Frank Pappas is a fine art printmaker, photographer, and writer living in the Washington, DC area.

My artistic inspirations are rooted in wanderlust and the discoveries, revelations, and memories I gather along the way. The despair of urban decay, the beauty of nature, the magnificence and power of architecture and history — all are subjects to which I am drawn, time and again.

I make extensive use of traditional and digital tools to produce my photographs and screenprints, experimenting with substrates, texture, tone, balance, and color to create compelling compositions.

Sometimes there’s substantial interpretation involved, as with El Gran Gallo, where the original photograph is significantly transformed into a graphic print. Other times the transformative work is less pronounced, as with Gull, where the print exhibits clear connections to the original photograph.

I present many of my subjects through the powerful medium of photography, though I also interpret them through hand-pulled printmaking processes. The many aspects of the screenprinting process — part art, part craft — enable me to re-imagine my subjects as serigraphs reminiscent of their photographic origins or further transform them into unique graphic designs. Many of my screenprints exhibit my passion for experimentation, eschewing a single-minded embrace of traditional processes to incorporate the use of waxes and oil paint, excavation, and adhesives.



Got questions? I'd love to hear from you!
If you have questions about my art, are interested in purchasing a piece for yourself or as a gift, or are interested in licensing my art for print or film/tv, please feel free to get in touch.

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